IPST is a comprehensive payment solutions platform providing innovative digital solutions to acute problems of the modern world, with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.

    IPST has launched its project in Nigeria, Africa’s heavyweight economy, by establishing a local company, TopUp Africa, and successfully pursuing its development agenda.

    IPST is set to continue its expansion to other West African countries in 2016-2017 to create an African digital hub.

    IPS Technology was founded in 2013 in one of the rapidly developing global tech hubs - Dubai, the UAE. The company boasts a highly-qualified team with extensive expertise in financial and tech sectors, in-house IT platform and technological developments, a proven flexible business model, and a vision for positive change in the developing world.

    Since its inception, the company has targeted Sub-Saharan Africa, the region lagging behind in terms of social and financial inclusion. Having built and tested an advanced technological platform, IPST has brought it to Nigeria establishing a local company, TopUp Africa.